Membership Thoughts and Ideas for 2016-2017

Greater Payette Area Chamber of Commerce

General Membership Meeting

Brainstorming for 2016-2017”

Members were asked to bring ideas to the table concerning what they would like to see from the Chamber in the coming year. These are their wants/needs from us this year:

  • Local business fair in the park – Event showcasing local businesses, giving them the opportunity to share their business with the community.
  • Apple Blossom Breakfast Marketing – Members would like to see advanced marketing of the Apple Blossom breakfast, including flyers to hand out to the community in order to spread the word further and raise community participation.
  • More collaboration and communication with the community and business leaders. Have round-table discussions at Chamber meetings to let the community hear from business leaders.
  • Members would like to see a Chamber “ambassador” available to attend community meetings. (Our Executive Director will be this “ambassador”). Along these same lines, members would like to see more Chamber representation at City Council meetings.
  • Monthly “Spotlight Business” to be featured in the Chamber newsletter.
  • After hours “meetings/mixers” for Chamber members to get to know one another, as well as to spotlight local businesses.
  • A thorough “Relocation Package” for residents new to our community.
  • Members would like to see the Chamber become active in the beautification/clean-up efforts in Downtown Payette.
  • Members would also like to see the Chamber become involved in assisting small businesses in their start-up efforts.
  • Members would like to see more promotion and marketing of Payette and what it has to offer.
    — We could build a list of attractions Payette offers, and use our online presence to promote and draw people in to our community.
  • Members would like to see the Chamber support and promote substance abuse prevention events, as well as see them promote activities for youth in our area.
  • Grant writing seminars and education regarding specific challenges faced by business owners in our community.
  • As far as guest speakers and meeting agendas, the Chamber should poll members to find out what they’d like to hear during meetings.
  • Members would like to see our group with other network Chambers in our area.